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Zhejiang Zhongshu Laser Equipment Co., Ltd

Based on the deep understanding and cognition of rail transit scenarios, Zhejiang Zhongshu Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a green and clean pioneer and leader in the rail transit industry with the goal of automation, intelligence, digitalization and green environmental protection. Focusing on the policies of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" and "Green Development in the New Era", the company provides standardized cleaning equipment, customized comprehensive solutions, and equipment + cleaning services. Create a perfect green cleaning ability, and provide high-quality products and services.
Hanghai wheelset laser paint removal
Cleaning of the inner wall of the axle box
Handheld laser cleaning
Wheelset laser paint removal
Laser cleaning of parts
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Expert review of fully automatic wheelset laser cleaning system
Wide cleaning range, high comprehensive efficiency, green and environmental protection. The system is technologically advanced and at the leading level in China.
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